Owlbear Soup is the brainchild of Richard Malena-Webber and Justin Turner. These two former podcast hosts of the Going Last Podcast decided that they needed to once again bring a positive and fun spin on the tabletop gaming podcast format. With this new production, they hope to help entertain folks while also keeping them up to date on some of the latest games as well as discussing issues gamers face. The team is dedicated to giving gamers a new perspective on everything from running a Dungeons and Dragons game for new players to how to get your next boardgame published and a myriad of things between.


Richard (Atomic Game Theory) – Is a pretty cool chap, but I am going to make him write his own bio so that he can express and link to what he would like.

Justin (Dread Pirate Rabbits) – Justin has been reviewing games, interviewing tabletop professionals, and working with accomplished writers and game designers on their project for over 10 years. Justin started playing D&D when he was a freshman in High School. He hand-copied all of the tables out of his friend’s Players Handbook so that he could run D&D games at home for his siblings when he couldn’t find the books at the store. He stepped away from the scene for a couple of years to work on his career as a digital marketer and to get back behind the DJ decks. Now he runs a bi-weekly stream on his twitch channel where he spins house music while watching old and strange movies with his audience. If you’d like to know more swing over to his DJ site at dpr.fyi/bio